Royal Family Security

Royal Family Protection

We have a dedicated division for the protection of foreign dignitaries and royal family members of nations including: UAE (United Arab Emirates) and we can serve your needs as soon as you arrive from Saudi Arabia cities including Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This includes: private air marshal services for those that are flying anywhere to or from the USA (United States) or abroad; Europe, Asia, the UK, (United Kingdom) as well as serving all of your personal security, (bodyguards) private protection, estate security, travel security services and executive protection for your entire family: Prince, Sultan, or any member of a royal family of any nation including their wives, children, friends, and business colleagues.

We provide armed security plain clothes and uniformed officers, with CCW (concealed carry weapons permits) in all 50 states. Most are former military and or police officers with US citizenship that may also have dual citizenship and speak several languages.

24-Hour Protection

Our services to the Saudi and British royals has been very exclusive and ongoing since 2002. We have also served dignitary and elite business professionals from China, Japan, Asia, Africa and every continent. Our bodyguard and security team has contracts in more than 30 countries.

We provide 24 hour protection on your property in the USA even while you are away. Estate security and estate management are very common for our staff of professionals. We can help you find temporary vacation (holiday) homes to rent short or long term and hire your staff of service people from nanny or maid and butler, to drivers, security, chef, assistants, armored vehicles, and more.

Royal Family Services

Our rates are exclusive and you may receive a security assessment by submitting a service request form or calling our USA Office: +1 800-985-9332, Los Angeles office: 310-907-5317, or New York office: 646-388-6123

We can find all of the personnel you require on short notice with a deposit of funds for services.

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