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Please email to: a photo, a copy of your license or passport, and any certificates you want to share with us for consideration of assignment.

Thank you for your application, please be advised that if anyone tries to charge you money in order to select your profile for work or says that they “own” or manage our company, you should call us directly and report this incident. We do not ever charge the applicant to apply or charge a fee to get you an interview. Scams like that do exist, so please let us know directly if this ever occurs. We work for YOU. We do not “hire” people, we find them work and refer you to assignments as an individual, independent contractor on a private one to one basis per each assignment. You won’t work FOR Celebrity Bodyguard Services as an employer. This is a referral agency that contracts with many licensed security firms throughout the country and the world.

Good luck to you. It isn’t necessary to keep checking back on upcoming assignments. Once you are in our database, you may or may not receive a call, text, or email from us to offer you contracts. If you are qualified, you will get work in your local area or area of choice should something become available. For those applying from out of the USA, we can also send assignments to you in your country or accept referrals from your company to our agents in the USA.

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