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The Next Celebrity Bodyguard


We are currently casting for an upcoming production that will be called: “The Next Celebrity Bodyguard.” This show will be a reality format that will show real celebrities in their search for the perfect bodyguard. A bodyguard must be a good “fit” or match for his/her client. When you are going to spend more time with a bodyguard than you do with your own family, it must be a person you respect, trust your life with, and get along well with. So when you factor in all of the elements of training, experience, ability, and physical appearance, it is a major decision for many stars.

Show Features

This show will feature several experts in firearms training, evasive driving tactics, hand to hand combat, extreme survival conditions, riot and crowd control, bodyguard protocol, social etiquette, surveillance, electronic debugging, and more. If you are an experienced bodyguard or you feel you can be the best of the best, submit your application today. The winner of season 1 will receive a $100,000 contract.

If you are an agent or manager for a celebrity or a person in the public eye in need of bodyguard staff, we can provide you with a bodyguard on a 1 year contract paid for by the TV network for your on camera participation in the show on a limited basis, around your schedule. Your appearance will be during the post competition stage for the selection and elimination phase of each episode through the finale where you select your bodyguard.

Is Your Bodyguard Prepared?

This show will change the way celebrities hire bodyguards. Now you will know who the best bodyguard in Hollywood really is. The stars that use our team already know but the secret will be out.

Is your current bodyguard really prepared for everything? Will they take a bullet for you? Can they protect your life at all costs? Do they truly have your safety and security as their #1 priority? Or are you just a paycheck. Do you have 100% faith that your current bodyguard is the best, most prepared, most fit, most skilled and most loyal person for the job?

Bodyguards Are Tough

We have some clients that made a change to our service recently because they found out the hard way that their bodyguards were just under-trained, non-equipped for the hazards of the job, non-certified, unprepared, and unfit physically and mentally to handle the rigors and demands of a real bodyguard.

Many will just hire the biggest guy from the nightclub. The guy that looks the part because he has a tough looking face and a shaved head that is supposed to intimidate people. A bodyguard isn’t window dressing or a scarecrow. I intend to challenge this myth that the bigger they are the tougher they are. On our show you will see a 5’7″ and 145 lb. female that can take down a 270 lb. giant and immobilize him into controlled submission.

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