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Established as an executive protection referral and recruitment firm in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, we were originally named American VIP Services. In 2002, we merged and expanded into being primarily a network of Celebrity Protection specialists, including: Bodyguards, bodyguard training, executive protection jobs and certification program referral services, and private security referrals.

We have grown to serve 7 states (California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois) and 32 major cities including: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, and many more. We have over 300 certified protection specialists and a network of 28 companies that deploy nearly 3000 armed, licensed estate security and private security officers. Each agent has all of the required certificates and permits or licenses needed to work as a bodyguard or security officer in the states we serve under the license of the company we award a contracted client assignment to on their behalf.

Celebrity Bodyguard Services top referred bodyguards have a very unique set of skills and a diverse range of backgrounds and training. Various fighting and martial arts disciplines including: Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Boxing, MMA, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Karate, and Wing Chun are among the specific defense methods on the resumes of our bodyguards.

We have within our ranks: current and former military and Special Forces combat trained personnel, police training officers, US Secret Service agents, professional athletes retired from the NFL, UFC, NBA, and NHL are also part of our team. We boast 17 former world champions among our list of registered executive protection agents.

Our mission is to always match the right bodyguard or team of security experts with each detail. Every client has a specific need and we take into consideration every factor. This includes: personality, social background, education, languages, and interests. A typical bodyguard/client relationship will last up to several years and this means that we need to assure that the client or their family will get along well with our selected bodyguard(s) assigned to this client.

Often, we have female clients that wish to keep a discreet, low profile in public. For this reason, some of them choose a female bodyguard.   We have over 30 female bodyguards nationwide. They are trained to blend into a situation where they may appear to be a family member, a nanny, a personal assistant, or a best friend. It’s a great way to keep safe with a highly trained, skilled, and armed female bodyguard that nobody will even detect is on the job.

Other clients, especially in the music and entertainment industries choose to have very large, imposing bodyguards that are a visual deterrent and will be very obvious with the silent intimidation factor of sheer size and physical appearance. Some companies will hire any big thug type that they can put in a suit, regardless of training or qualifications. We always adhere to our strict hiring and screening procedures to assure each of our gentlemen and ladies in our service shall exceed every expectation for excellence in service and training. We won’t hire bodyguards that can’t be certified to carry a concealed weapon. The safety and security of our clients is always the top priority.

Security Officer ServicesSecurity Officer Services

We also have a division of armed, uniformed, security guards. Our specialty is film set security and on location security for film and music video sets, private party and special event security, and celebrity estate security as we as executive estate management.
We select well qualified and highly trained security guards with all of the necessary certifications and permits. Our guards are well groomed, professional, uniformed and armed. Only those with 5 years experience as a minimum will be considered to work with our team on a security detail. Many times, we will have our bodyguard team working in conjunction with our security guard staff. This means that each unit must be able to work together and maintain our consistency and professionalism.
Investigation ServicesInvestigation Services

We also have private investigators in each of the states where we serve clients. Our services range from corporate security, pre-employment screening and background checks, to personal investigations of spousal infidelity, family safety, investigations of those our clients may be considering a relationship with, and more. Our focus is on assuring that those you come into contact with are not out to harm you and don’t have a history of violence, abuse, drugs, or criminal activity.
Special Event ServicesSpecial Event Services

We also are very well equipped to host and plan social events, parties, and group functions on any size. We work with the top event planners in the industry to assure that your event will be a smash hit! Our event staff has put together weddings for many well known celebrities. We specialize in “after party” events for awards shows, concerts, film set wrap, music album wrap parties, and more.

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