Red Carpet

We are very well equipped to handle large Hollywood events. Our bodyguards have worked at every major awards show in Los Angeles for many years. So, we can handle an event of any size for 1 celebrity client, to several hundred in a large gathering. We also have a department that specializes in planning and organizing elaborate after parties, social events, We have put together some Impressive parties by utilizing the many talented planners in the L.A community. Allow us to host and plan your event or walk you down the red carpet at your awards show.

Body Guard Recruitment

Bodyguard Recruitment We always adhere to our strict hiring and screening procedures to assure each of our bodyguards will exceed every requirement for excellence in service and training. We hire well educated and professionally trained gentlemen and ladies with diverse experiences. Some are armed with concealed carry permits and others are hand to hand experts. Each has passed an extensive background check.So if a client want an average build professional Secret Service agent appearance or maybe a female fitness physique or even a 6'9" 360lb. rock solid pro athlete, we have bodyguards to match your needs. It all depends on which industry or specific assignments you may have. A corporate CEO client may prefer a more low key agent to blend into their business environment and appear to be a co-worker. A female client and her children may want a female agent to blend in as a friend of family member. While a music entertainer may need a team of massive imposing guards for a public event or on tour. If you are a professional bodyguard or you wan to become one, Submit your resume on our recruitment page now.

We are International

Our service network has specialized in bodyguard services in Los Angeles,Beverly Hills,Orange County,San Diego, and the Hollywood community since 1998. With 4 major licensed, bonded,companies that we utilize in Southern California, we can serve your every security related need. We refer and recruit bodyguards and security personnel in major cities such as New York,Miami,Chicago,Dallas,Washington D.C,San Francisco, and Seattle. With an extended network that reaches Toronto,London,Paris,Berlin,Dublin,Moscow,Stockholm, and Helsinki.

Choose the Best

The bodyguards we hand select from hundreds of applications submitted to us each month are among the finest in the industry. We have former military special operations experts,decorated war heroes,retired U.S Secret Service agents,former professional athletes,trained mixed martial artists,weapons specialists,police officers,and highly trained bodyguards with years of experience working for the top celebrities and executive protection clients worldwide.

Celebrity Bodyguards

We specialize in Bodyguard services for high profile celebrities of film & television, the music industry,and professional sports entertainment. With Private Executive Protection agents in 32 cities,our team can provide you and your clients with excellent service at a competitive price.

Welcome to Celebrity Bodyguard Services home page. We are the leading International bodyguard and security referral and recruitment resource online. Consider us as a one-stop directory for finding the best rates and top available licensed security related service providers in your city or state.We find the most qualified security companies, security officers, and security industry professionals in every state. Each state will have various requirements for permits, licenses, and permissions to operate within the state. From private investigators, private security operators, private protection operators, security officer permits, guard cards, carry permits and concealed -carry permits, we realize that it’s impossible for 1 company to possess each of these requirements for each city and state.

We specialize in Bodyguard Services for high profile celebrities of film & television, the music industry, and professional sports entertainment.  With Private Executive Protection agents in 32 cities, our team can provide you and your clients with excellent service at a competitive price.

This is why we are always searching for the best of the best. We understand that some smaller companies have only a few employees or in many cases, a retired peace officer has a private investigator license but has few clients and little marketing experience. We can help provide the proper online presence and exposure for dozens of smaller companies that can’t compete with the larger firms.

We understand that your licenses and permits are expensive and therefore have a great value. We contract with several licensed security operators and private investigators in each major city. This allows us to serve our customers better and provides the smaller firms with a way to gain more clients and secure private security contracts for their workforce. We don’t directly hire, however we do directly recruit and place those that are qualified, certified, and licensed in various security related specialty fields including bodyguards, security officers, P.I.’s and cyber security specialists in areas of California, including: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County, San Diego, and the Inland Empire. We also have contracted companies in the bay area of San Francisco.

In New York city, we have security contractors and specialists that are licensed and certified in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as other areas.We also have licensed private protection operators and bodyguards in Las Vegas, Nevada, Chicago, Illinois, and Miami Florida.

We are always actively accepting requests for services and applicants in other cities and states as we continue to expand our service referral network to become the largest and most affordable bodyguard agency in the United States. Our contractors have an agreement to provide pricing that is below the scale for the industry in their area to the referred clients that we provide them with.

Our expert staff knows what it takes to be the best of the best. Each contractor that we select must meet our high standards for excellence. If you would like to submit your firm for consideration or if you are an individual bodyguard or recruit, you may submit a form on our recruitment page. Bodyguard jobs are rewarding and the pay can be very good for a qualified security specialist. We know that for individuals, finding work in security or as a personal bodyguard can be just as difficult as finding proper training courses and becoming certified. We can help you do both if you meet our requirements.

Also, if you are a licensed private protection operator, private security provider, private investigator, or cyber security expert, we can match you by area and license or permit to clients that are in need of services in your area of expertise. Whether you are a large operation with hundreds of employees or a small company with just a handful of staff, we can help you obtain new client business.

The cost of our services ranges depending on the size of the contract and the duration or frequency. We consult our clients based on their needs and then we hand select the best contractor for each assignment.


Call us today at 800-985-9332 or submit an application on our Recruitment page as an individual or a licensed contractor company.

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Celebrity Bodyguard Services has an exclusive VIP Event division. These VIP services include: personal concierge, model hostess, nightclub hostess, travel companions and tour guides in major cities.


If you need personal protection agents for individual security purposes while filming on location or within a studio, we can provide professional, experienced bodyguards to meet your needs or the requirements


Mystery shopper program: Allow our professional corporate spy team to gather customized information about the quality of products and services provided by your companies employees.We specialize in restaurant


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